An Open Letter to a Future Beauty School Student

Dear Future Beauty School Student,

It’s been a year since I was in your shoes, but I remember exactly what it was like. There is nothing more exciting and terrifying than starting a new education that will change the course of your life. Some of my classmates knew that beauty school was in their futures since they were kids, but that wasn’t me.

My parents wanted me to go to the same university that they did and join my mom’s sorority. They loved it there, but I knew I wouldn’t feel the same. I didn’t know how to tell them that it wasn’t the path I wanted to take, so I just waited until the enrollment deadline passed without submitting my application. When my friends started posting their acceptance letters online, I knew I had to tell my parents the truth.

After a long talk and some tears, it was going to be alright. They wanted me to choose the path that would make me happy and were willing to support me in whatever I chose. That’s where things got really hard. Where was I going to go?

Since my dad is a dermatologist he suggested I could go to nursing school. He gets to help people with their skin every day, and I’ve seen how his work improves people’s lives. I found a nearby nursing school online and went in for a tour. I was hoping that it would feel right to me in the way a university never did, but after the tour ended I still didn’t feel good about that path.

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I got in my car and opened Instagram, where I saw a post from my friend in cosmetology school. Suddenly it all came back to me. Watching makeup tutorials, playing with my friends’ hair, and wanting to help people feel beautiful in their skin: this could be the place for me!

When I toured my beauty school, it was so different. The classes were smaller, the instructors knew everyone’s name, and all of the students were so eager to learn. I knew that I had found my passion. The admissions team wanted me there and helped me with my schedule and financial aid so that starting school wasn’t too stressful. Everything seemed to work out perfectly.

Now as I am about to graduate, I couldn’t feel more glad that I made the decision to go to beauty school. I have made lifelong friends and learned about how to improve people’s lives by giving them the confidence they need to let their inner beauty shine. While school was not easy, it was so worth it. I have a job lined up at a trendy salon in a few weeks. I’ll be working my way through the industry and supporting myself while my high school friends still have three full years left of college!

As I plan my graduation party and think about seeing my parents and friends cheer me on, I think about how much I’ve changed over the last year.

To the future cosmetology students out there, remember that you can do this. While the future might feel unsteady to you right now, you’ll be glad you chose cosmetology school a year from now.


A Beauty School Graduate

This open letter was compiled based on the experiences of many current and future cosmetologists.


Cosmetology at Elevate Salon Institute

At Elevate Salon Institute (ESI) Royal Oak, we have helped hundreds of students find their path and discover their passion for the beauty industry. We hope this story has inspired you to chase your dreams too!

If you could relate to this letter and think beauty could be your next step, please contact us. We would love to help answer your questions, give more information about programs and financial aid, or schedule a tour for you to come visit.

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