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ESI Royal Oak BLOG

Latest posts

  • What Sets Our Instructors Apart?
    Cosmetology | March 29, 2021

    We know you want the best beauty education possible! That’s why we hire stand-out educators who genuinely care about your success. Read our blog to learn what sets our instructors apart at Elevate Salon Institute in Royal Oak!

  • Financial Aid Options to Help You Afford School
    Cosmetology | February 9, 2021

    Looking for a way to fund your dream education? When we think about *financial aid, we usually think about traditional universities or community colleges. Did you know you can receive federal financial aid for cosmetology school if you qualify? At Elevate Salon Institute (ESI) in Royal Oak, we are proud to offer federal financial aid […]

  • Our Partnered Brands at Elevate Salon Institute in Royal Oak
    Cosmetology | January 26, 2021

    We have partnered with multiple brands at Elevate Salon Institute in Royal Oak so that our students can gain the experience they need with professional products and knowledge.

  • COVID-19 Update: How We’re Keeping Everyone Safe
    Cosmetology | December 21, 2020

    Keeping our students, guests, and staff safe is our number one priority at Elevate Salon Institute in Royal Oak. To learn more about how we’re taking safety precautions against COVID-19, read this post.

  • Becoming a Cosmetologist in Royal Oak, Michigan
    Cosmetology | November 5, 2020

    We might be biased, but we think cosmetology is a great choice for your future! Learn about the requirements for becoming a cosmetologist in Royal Oak, Michigan!

  • How the Pandemic Changed Our Beauty Routine
    Cosmetology | October 1, 2020

    Things have changed a lot this year, and beauty routines are no exception. We’re navigating new challenges with masks, makeup, and skincare. While our routine has definitely changed, we’re embracing new opportunities to take care of ourselves and embrace our inner beauty. Find out more about how to stay on track with your beauty routine […]

  • How to Prepare for Your Campus Tour
    Cosmetology | September 25, 2020

    Do you love all things beauty? Are you ready to turn your passion into a future education? We know that it can be exciting to think about the amazing possibilities that could be waiting for you in the beauty industry, but it’s also important to plan how you’re going to get there. If you want […]

  • What Can I Do With an Esthetician License?
    Cosmetology | July 22, 2020

    An esthetician specializes in providing beautifying cosmetic treatments to the skin. This includes treatments like facials and waxing, as well as professional makeup application. If you’re interested in skin care and makeup, studying esthetics at Elevate Salon Institute (ESI), Royal Oak could be a good investment in your future. Not sure what jobs you can […]

  • 5 Reasons Why Cosmetology School Could Be a Great Career Move
    Cosmetology | July 8, 2020

    When you think about your future, do you see yourself in a career that allows you to be creative and follow your passion? Do you thrive in environments that are social, dynamic, and fast-paced? An education in cosmetology from Elevate Salon Institute (ESI), Royal Oak can provide you with the skills you need for this […]

  • A Guide to Enrolling At Elevate Salon Institute Royal Oak
    Cosmetology | June 25, 2020

    Congratulations, you’ve done the research and decided on your perfect school to continue your education. But you are probably wondering what’s next. We can help! We’ve created a guide with everything you need to know to feel prepared for starting your beauty education. Read on to get to know the steps of the enrollment process […]

  • How To Build Your Professional Beauty Portfolio
    Cosmetology | June 13, 2020

    As you begin your journey into the world of beauty, you may hear mention of building a portfolio. But what is a beauty portfolio? How do you create one? And why is it important to have one? At Elevate Salon Institute (ESI), Royal Oak, we strive to educate salon-ready professionals and hope to provide the […]

  • Important Updates Regarding COVID-19
    Cosmetology | June 11, 2020

    Updated 6/17/20 We’re open! We are excited to welcome back our students, staff, and guests. For the safety of all, we will require that face masks be worn. For those interested in pursuing an education in beauty, contact us to schedule a virtual or in-person tour of the campus, speak with our financial aid advisors […]

  • A Guide to Becoming a Salon-Ready Professional
    Cosmetology | May 30, 2020

    Making the decision to go to beauty school can be life-changing! If you know you were meant for beauty, now is the time to make that change. Study and train in beauty skills and techniques you are interested in. When you trust yourself, you can discover a future you’re passionate about! At Elevate Salon Institute […]

  • How to Pick Your Perfect Beauty School
    Cosmetology | May 2, 2020

    If you are beauty-obsessed, looking for a new kind of career, or want a job you are passionate about, finding a beauty school may be your next big step. While location, programs, and affordability can all be a part of your research, your chosen beauty school should also match your future goals. This choice could […]

  • Join an Accredited Institution
    Cosmetology | February 14, 2020

    Elevate Salon Institute Royal Oak is accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts & Sciences (NACCAS). As an accredited institution, our school’s instructors are qualified, and our curriculum and programs are regularly evaluated. You have the assurance that our school is able to provide you with skills you can use for the professional […]

  • Get Business Training
    Cosmetology | February 14, 2020

    Elevate Salon Institute Royal Oak courses focus on providing real business skills to help our students become professionals ready for any salon environment. Our comprehensive curriculum includes advanced techniques by L’Oreal Professionals and marketing training in retail, social media, and building clientele. We want our graduates to be able to manage the technical aspects of […]

  • Learn From Instructors Who Are Dedicated to Their Craft
    Cosmetology | February 14, 2020

    At Elevate Salon Institute Royal Oak you can receive high-quality education from experienced instructors. Our instructors are passionate about the industry and have real experience to draw from. Not only can you study in a classroom setting, but you can also experience hands-on practice with clinical instruction. You can apply the skills you learn in […]

Creativity Unleashed

Follow us to see what Drives our Motivation

Creativity Unleashed

Follow us to see what Drives our Motivation