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Royal Oak , USA

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How the Pandemic Changed Our Beauty Routine

brunette woman outside wearing a disposable face mask
October 1, 2020

Things have changed a lot this year, and beauty routines are no exception. We’re navigating new challenges with masks, makeup, and skincare. While our routine has definitely changed, we’re embracing new opportunities to take care of ourselves and embrace our inner beauty. Find out more about how to stay on track with your beauty routine and how to keep your skin glowing all year long!

We’re Navigating Maskne

Mask acne? More like maskne! We’re sure you’ve heard everyone talking about it. Whether you’re wearing disposable masks, cloth masks, or air filters, there’s no getting around it. Many of us have developed more acne than before. Here’s some helpful tips to keep your skin clear:

Wash Your Masks

While this may seem obvious, do you really know how often you should be washing your masks? The answer is simple, wash them every night. It’s as easy as rinsing your cloth masks with soap and warm water in the sink and throwing them in the dryer or letting them dry in the sun. Of course, the more masks you have, the easier it is to rotate through the clean ones. Disposable masks are also a good option for one-use wear, but we love the sustainability offered by cloth masks.

Wipe Your Face Frequently

Don’t worry, we’re not telling you to full-on cleanse your face multiple times a day. To keep your pores clean, we suggest wiping your face down with water multiple times a day, especially the lower half of your face. You can use cotton rounds or a microfiber towel to do so. Water is gentle enough that it won’t dehydrate your skin, but will pull excess sweat or dirt out of your pores, and help prevent acne from forming.

Talk to an Esthetician

Is there anything a facial can’t cure? We wish! Speaking to an esthetician will allow you to explore the right skincare products for your face. They’re trained to recommend facial treatments, serums, moisturizers, and more, which can help combat acne. Skincare is a science, and our esthetics program strives to provide all our students with the necessary skills and confidence to help others feel confident and beautiful in their skin.

woman having her eye makeup done by another woman

The Importance of Eye Makeup

When half your face is covered, your eyes are doing most of the talking. If you haven’t dived into the world of YouTube eye makeup tutorials, it could be a fun rainy day activity! We’re talking blending, cut creases, faux lashes, and more. It can be fun to go all out on your eye makeup, even if it’s just for a trip to the store.

If you are still looking to do your face makeup, be sure to supplement with a great primer and setting powder or spray. No one wants to take off their mask, only to see that half their makeup is gone. Check out these 13 best makeup setting sprays to see which one might be perfect for you!

red haired woman standing in front of an orange wall wearing a yellow mask

We’re Embracing Inner Beauty

If there’s one thing a pandemic has taught us, it’s how to live in our own skin. When so many events are postponed or cancelled, we’ve found ourselves at home with time to let our skin breathe. Makeup or not, you deserve to feel beautiful with how you look. It’s more than okay to give your skin a break, and learn to love your inner beauty!

Learn More About Skincare at ESI Royal Oak

If you are passionate about skincare, and want to learn more about caring for other people’s skin and makeup, get started in our esthetics or cosmetology programs! We strive to teach our students the most modern techniques and work with the latest tools and products. Contact us today to find out more about how you can get started and join the ESI Royal Oak family.

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