Going Global: Top Beauty Trends Across the World

We love just about everything to do with beauty at Elevate Salon Institute (ESI), Royal Oak. Whether it’s hair trends, new makeup products, tips, and hacks, or a trendy application technique, we’re all about it. One of the coolest things about beauty is that trends, techniques, and products are different across the world, but we can all relate to a shared love of the industry.

Let’s take a look at beauty through a global lens! Here’s what women from six different countries are wearing on their face!


For some Nigerian women, it’s all about color! Bold, glossy lips, bright eyeshadow, and even colorful highlighters are all extremely popular in this African country. There’s also a huge focus on maintaining glowing, summery skin, as the temperature in Nigeria is hot and dry for most of the year. Many Nigerian women look to oils like argan to maintain that dewy glow. While the glow is important, keeping makeup in place in hot temperatures is equally as crucial! “Baking” the face with powder is another popular beauty trend in Nigeria. The term baking means using a translucent powder to set your foundation and concealer. You allow the powder to sit on your face for 5-10 minutes and the dust it off for a flawless finish!


If you know anything about the beauty industry and haven’t been under a rock for a few years, then you’ve probably heard about K-beauty. These days, Korean skin care products, makeup, and one-of-a-kind beauty tools fill the shelves of beauty suppliers across the world. And for good reason! Korean beauty is focused on making sure that skin is clean, plump, and well-hydrated before any makeup touches the face. Funky sheet masks, pimple patches, and snail mucus extract (yes, you heard that right) are all targeted at creating healthy, beautiful skin. When it comes to actual makeup, you might see some Korean women wearing red and orange tones reminiscent of fruit juice on the eyes, cheeks, and lips. Other cool trends include super-fine glitter as eyeshadow and highlighter, under eye contour, gradated lips, and straight-across eyebrows.

Middle Eastern

For some women in Middle Eastern countries like Dubai, Kuwait, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia, it’s all about that bold, glamorous look! That means strong, perfectly groomed brows, bold lip colors, flawless contouring, and intricately blended eyeshadow. These countries are known for being warm and sunny, so glow products, golden highlighters, and warm-toned eyeshadows and bronzers are extremely popular. In some Middle Eastern cultures, women tend to dress more conservatively, so makeup becomes a great tool for self-expression and creativity! On the skincare side of things, natural products with real ingredients are a must. Lemon, turmeric, mustard seed oil, and coconut oil are age-old remedies for repairing brittle hair, clearing up dull, congested skin, and moisturizing the body.


In Brazil, beachy, glowy looks are taken to another level. With so many beaches to choose from, it’s no wonder that tanning/glow products, firming lotions, coconut oil, and bronzers are so popular amongst many Brazilian women. There’s a big focus on health and fitness in Brazil, so good skin always starts from within. Beauty products are great, but some Brazilian women know there’s no substitute for a healthy diet and regular exercise. Hair and makeup-wise, many Brazilian women appreciate natural beauty just as much as they love an Instagram-worthy look. Some women will embrace their natural curls while also rocking a bold lip like black, dark purple, or blue. It’s about finding that beautiful balance between natural and stylish!


As we move over to Europe, the beauty trends start to get a little more minimalistic. In France, land of all things chic, you’ll see many women sporting an effortless, barely there look. A flawless complexion is key, so products like sunscreen, moisturizer, and serums are crucial. Since skin care is so important in France, a lot of women wear BB creams or other lightweight formulas in lieu of full-coverage foundation. Some French women also spend a lot less time on their hair than American women. Coloring, highlighting, and heat styling hair is much less popular in France than it is in the states. However, if there’s one beauty trend the French have always been known for, it’s the red lip. Whether it’s paired with a simple cat eye, just mascara, or nothing else at all, this classic French look will always have that certain je ne sai quois!


If there’s anyone who’s perfected the ‘no-makeup makeup’, it’s the Scandinavians. Many Scandinavian women are known for wearing hardly any makeup and still looking sensational. This could be down to practicality, as the climate in this part of the world is cold and wet, but whatever the reason, we’re here for it. To combat that cold and often harsh weather, Scandinavian women are diligent about caring for their skin. Good nutrition (i.e. berries and fish), frequent exercise, ice cold water, products with natural ingredients, and a whole lot of moisturizer are the Nordic secrets to flawless, healthy skin. As far as makeup goes, you’ll often see some Scandinavian women rocking nothing but a dewy face, bold brow, and stand-out lip color. Women in these countries are often known for long, flowing blonde hair, but it’s not uncommon to see them wearing a casual bun or ponytail to keep those locks out of the rain, wind, and snow!

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