Meet Our Admissions Representative: Laura Tessmer

As a beauty school, Elevate Salon Institute (ESI), Royal Oak wants to support students through every step of their educational journey. A huge part of that support system comes from staff members like our admissions representative, Laura Tessmer! Laura recently joined the ESI Royal Oak family and we’re so excited to have her on board moving forward.

Laura Tessmer in the salon.

Laura’s Background

Laura has a background in corporate and retail management, as well as in education admissions. She switched to working in beauty about three years ago and has loved her experience so far. “[Beauty] has allowed me to combine my passion for beauty and expressing myself through hair and makeup with my passion for meeting and building relationships with a wide demographic of people!” she says.

Before she officially worked at our school, Laura was building a professional relationship with ESI Royal Oak. “Time and time again I was impressed with the culture, level of education, and dedication to their students,” Laura says. “I knew I belonged on this team!”

Supporting Students and Pursuing Goals

As our admissions representative, Laura gets to help students achieve their goals. Her day-to-day job is helping potential students identify their career goals and dreams and showing them the ways ESI can support those dreams. She has an opportunity to build relationships with them. “[I can] help them uncover what they’re looking for in education and a career,” she says. “[I can] help them overcome any obstacles that may keep them from pursuing an incredible education with us here at ESI!”

Laura is looking forward to her future at ESI Royal Oak and continuing to connect with future and current students and the ESI staff. She specifically wanted to give a shout out to her admissions partner, DezaRae Szklarski. “She’s an incredible teammate and a great friend, and she makes my job that much more enjoyable every day!”

Join Us at ESI Royal Oak

Want to pursue a beauty career? Laura is just one of the fantastic staff members who could support you as a student at ESI Royal Oak. If you’re interested in our cosmetology program, contact us today! We’d love to talk to you about starting your education.

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