Meet One of Our Amazing Students: Sydney

At Elevate Salon Institute (ESI), Royal Oak we love getting to know our students and seeing them set and accomplish their goals! We know that they put in a lot of hard work and dedication and that’s why we want to take the time to give them some recognition. Sydney is a student here at ESI Royal Oak who is already achieving success in the beauty industry!

Why Study Beauty?

Sydney has been in our cosmetology program since last September and with 850 hours dedicated to learning more about beauty, she plans to graduate this coming September. Since she’s been with us, Sydney has done incredible things! For the month of March she was our top servicer out of all the cosmetology students. That means that she had the most clients with people coming to her for hair, nails, and waxing services!


Before she enrolled at ESI Royal Oak, Sydney told us that she’s always been interested in hair and fashion and wanted to do something that would allow her to pursue those passions. She loves that she can express herself through beauty and would always braid her sister’s hair when she was younger.

Sydney said that her hairdresser encouraged her to go into beauty because she thought that Sydney would be a great cosmetologist. We’re so happy that she had people to support her dream of studying something she’s passionate about!

Experience at ESI Royal Oak

Since she’s started with us, Sydney says that she loves the learning atmosphere at ESI Royal Oak. Before enrolling here, she toured other schools but said that they didn’t feel as informative or up to date on the latest trends. “[I] love everything about [ESI Royal Oak],” she says. “The way it’s updated, the color bar, the way the instructors have been in this industry for so long and share their knowledge with us.”

We are so proud of our instructors for providing an encouraging space for students like Sydney to learn. Some instructors stand out for Sydney, Ms. Nicole being one because of her commitment to relay her knowledge to students on all the latest trends. Having instructors that care for her success is one reason why Sydney is excited to come study every day!

Plans for the Future

Sydney plans to keep learning as much as she can about hairstyling, even after graduation. She told us that she wants to assist other stylists, so she can continue learning from someone who’s been doing hair for a living. Hearing their tips and tricks is something that excites Sydney because they could offer her knowledge that she didn’t know and could be beneficial for a successful career in cosmetology. Sydney is already learning so much, and as our student with the most clients for the month of March, she’s getting a lot of practical experience to help make her dreams a reality!

Sydney says that whenever she feels discouraged, her clients remind her why she puts in all her hard work. “Seeing [the clients] happy with their results is the best feeling in the world,” she says. Since cosmetology school requires a lot of dedication, Sydney says that if she could give advice to anyone who’s thinking about it to make sure it’s something you’re passionate about. “It’s a lot of schooling,” she says. “But it’s most definitely worth it in the end for me.” We’re so happy that she’s able to study what she loves with us!

Want to Follow in Sydney’s Footsteps?

If you’re like Sydney and you love learning about all things beauty, then applying for cosmetology school could be a great option for you! Contact us to learn more about our cosmetology program and how you can start the application process. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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