Salon-Ready Professionals is what ESI is all about.  We want our graduates to love and stay in this industry for a lifetime; innovating, educating, and elevating the profession to new heights!  ESI utilizes highly skilled educators who are passionate about the industry and their students and who pass on the training necessary for graduates to become leaders.

We work directly with the #1 global beauty brand in the world, L’Oréal, to provide our students access to the skills and training that are highest in demand in salons and spas all across the world.  When you’re ready to pursue your creativity and channel your passion to change lives, make your choice the Elevate Salon Institute.


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I came in to have my hair trimmed. Some would say I had the misfortune of having a student that this was only her second hair cut. Her first time cutting hair the lady was yelling at her and she was visible scared. I told her let’s just breath. My hair is super long and I only want a trim, you got this… I also told her hair grows back and I wouldn’t flip out on her if she did mess up as we are all humans. I would like to tell you she did an amazing job. About two years later I ran into that young lady working in a saloon. She remembered me and thanked me for coming in that day. You see she was ready to give up. Sometimes it only takes a few kind words and a understanding heart to change someone’s future.

Tina Muriel-Graves September 14, 2016