Tuition Help for Beauty School

Starting cosmetology school could result in added funds for school in the form of grants and federal aid, if enrolled before June 30th.
Need Help with Tuition? Passionate about the beauty industry but don’t think you can afford the education – – we can help!
Finding the money to pay for advanced education after high school can be confusing. Elevate Salon Institute wants to offer some information about financial aid that is available to cover your beauty school tuition. Instead of being intimidated by the FAFSA, financial aid
provided by the U.S. Federal Government, learn how to get started on getting financial assistance to take your career dreams to reality.

Click to read our updated financial aid blog post to find out more about your potential resources.

Beauty School tuition


If you’ve tried to come to beauty school but couldn’t afford it in the past, you are going to love this! June also holds a very desirable secret, starting cosmetology school could result in added funds for school in the form of grants and federal aid. You Must be enrolled By June 30th. Text JUNE to get started!



What Is the FAFSA?

FAFSA stands for Free Application for Student Federal Aid(FASFA). It is a completely free form. You should not pay for help to apply to the FAFSA. This program provides more than $150 billion to qualified students to help them pay for school. You should apply to FAFSA. Don’t worry about your age, race, immigration status or even if you’ll qualify. In some schools, even if you don’t qualify for a federal program, you may have other financial aid opportunities, but will have file the FAFSA first.

Types of Financial Assistance

  • Grants – typically, a grant is money that you don’t have to repay. If you withdraw from school before finishing a semester, you may have to pay the money back. There are different types of grants. If you qualify, this money is invaluable in paying for your education.
  • Work-study jobs – undergraduates qualify for certain jobs that pay minimum wage. You don’t have to pay this money back.
  • Student loans – when grants don’t cover the tuition, you might be able to take out a loan to cover the remainder of your education costs. However, you need to make sure you understand the terms and conditions of any loan. Before taking out a loan, count the cost.

One important thing to note about FAFSA is that the institution has to be an accredited school to receive federal funding. Not all beauty schools are accredited, because this is an extra step that has to be taken by the school to determine whether it meets certain standards. Elevate Salon Institute is an accredited beauty school, which not only helps you get federal financial aid, but also helps your employer determine that you went to a recognized and certified institution.

Contact our admissions advisers if you want to learn more about the enrolling now or before JUNE 30th opportunity, or to learn more about how to prepare for starting school in the near future. We will guide, support & teach you everything you need to know….that you didn’t know you needed to know! Call (248)-965-3352 to get started.

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