Your Guide to Cosmetology

Updated December 2, 2019

Trends change every season, but a career in cosmetology is not going out of style! According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, growth in cosmetology jobs is higher than the average growth for other jobs. An education in cosmetology can set you up for a future with many opportunities to grow. 

At Elevate Salon Institute (ESI) Royal Oak, we want to support future beauty professionals. Whether you already know all about cosmetology or you’re just starting to think about a career in beauty, this guide to cosmetology is a great place to learn more about it and get some questions answered!

Your Guide to Cosmetology

What Is Cosmetology?

Are you new to the world of cosmetology? This blog is for you! Learn about what a cosmetologist does, how to become a licensed cosmetologist, and what career opportunities are available. When you’re finished, keep reading to learn about going to cosmetology school and how to create a future in the beauty industry. 

Is Cosmetology Right For You?

Is Cosmetology Right For You?

Maybe you love doing hair but you’re not sure if cosmetology would be a good fit for you. Some people might think that cosmetologists need to have bubbly and talkative personalities. The truth is all personality types can become great stylists if they have the passion and training. Take this fun quiz to see if cosmetology is right for you!

Career Options in the Beauty Industry

Beauty Industry Career Options

Many people with a beauty education go on to become stylists, but there are a variety of other beauty industry careers available! Depending on what you’re passionate about, you can find opportunities to work with hair, skin, or nails. Learn about where the beauty industry can take you!

5 Reasons Why Cosmetology School Could be a Great Career Move

5 Reasons Why Cosmetology Could Be a Great Career Move

A career in cosmetology can provide a lot of benefits. Being able to express yourself creatively, enjoy a social work environment, and have the flexibility of creating your own path are just some of the advantages! If a traditional nine-to-five office job doesn’t fit you or your lifestyle, look at what the life of a cosmetologist has to offer! Discover the five reasons why cosmetology school could be a great career move for you. 

Becoming a Cosmetologist in Royal Oak, Michigan

Becoming a Cosmetologist in Royal Oak

Ready to get started on your journey into beauty? Find out how you can go from researching cosmetology online to earning your license and starting a career. We’ve outlined the steps and timeline needed to achieve your goal of becoming a cosmetologist here in Royal Oak.

An Open Letter to a Future Beauty School Student

Open Letter to a Future Beauty School Student

Taking the first step toward achieving your dreams is exciting but the unknown can be scary. Don’t forget to keep focused on where you want to be. Success takes work but you may find that staying set on your goals can help you stay focused. Read this letter from a beauty school graduate reflecting back on their experience. It can give you the perspective and encouragement you can use to chase your dreams and stick to it!

How to Prepare For Your Tour of ESI Royal Oak

Ready to start considering beauty schools in your area? It’s time to take some tours! Touring multiple beauty schools can help you find the right fit. You can see students at work, meet instructors, get to know the culture, and ask questions. Take the time to find the best option for you because this is where you can expect to be for the next year or so. Finding the right school can set you on your future course! Check out our resource for how to be prepared for tours.

Need Financial Aid? ESI Royal Oak Can Help You!

Need Financial Aid? We Can Help!

Getting an education can be expensive, but there are options to help you pay the costs of cosmetology school. As an accredited school, we are able to offer loans, grants, and scholarships to those who qualify. Learn more about our financial aid and assistance options, or schedule a tour at our school to speak with our financial aid advisor!

Let’s Get in Touch

You probably know a lot more about cosmetology now, but chances are you still have some questions. We have a team here at ESI, Royal Oak who is ready to help you get started! Contact us to start your journey today.

*Financial aid may be available to those who qualify. For more information about our graduation rates, the median loan debt of students who completed the program and other information visit

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